Saturday, February 5, 2011


Renew. We all know that it is still the start of a new year and hopefully the start of a new belief or even a chain of events that finally go your way. Renew.... but what does it really mean? By the dictionary's definition it is to exhilarate, mend, start over. I certainly need to mend a few things and I can honestly say I need to start over in others. But I really want to focus on a few words that "renew" brings to mind. These are three resolutions I really want to pursue and become more involved in. Sometime I feel as if success isn't always measured by what you can put on your resume, what connections you might gain or even how well you accomplish that day to day tasks. I believe it is finding ways to add to your personal growth that make you more of an ideal person to be around.

I want to restore to a greater level, my love and patience for what God's plan is for me by starting a daily devotional and lifting a different person up each week.
I want to revive my appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me and share stories of the beauty I see in other's lives as well as my own.
And I want to replenish my favorite hobbies of scrapbooking, taking pictures, and being creative.

Three goals that I have for this year and three words that go hand in hand to "renew" and achieve that personal growth I am looking for.

Roughly 42 weeks and 329 days left. I can do this by your GRACE God.

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  1. Katie --I just love you and know that you will do GREAT things in life. You are an extraordinary woman and a beautiful person, inside and out. God has a wonderful future in store for you and I can't wait to see what all that entails. I miss you terribly but know that you moving was all a part of His plan. I love you!(: